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About Me


Hey, I'm Vianee Bastalingum

Welcome to the "Amoureuse de la nature" blog – where travel meets fashion, nature meets technology, and you meet the world.

My journey started not on a specific date, but with a feeling. A feeling born out of my deep-seated love for exploring the world, my fascination for fashion, and my profound love for nature. This love was so intense that it needed to be shared, and thus, the "Amoureuse de la nature" and travel platform Instagram @amoureuse.delanature was born - a french word which means 'Nature lover'.

I am a passionate traveller, fashion aficionado, and nature enthusiast, and I took my love for exploration and turned it into a blog that's as vibrant and diverse as the places I have visited.


I identify myself as a "digital nomad", working from wherever my travels take me, as long as there's WiFi. But wait, there's more! The tale of amoureuse de la nature blog weaves in the stories of those 9-5-ers too. My partner, the yin to my digital nomad yang, brings a unique perspective to this blog, creating a delightful blend of travel tales and handy tips. Every post, every photo, every tip is a testament to our symbiotic lifestyle, blending the untamed adventures of a constant traveller with the grounded insights of a regular 9-5er.


My goal, through this blog, is to empower others to follow their dreams. To travel, to explore, to wear what they love, to cherish nature, to inspire you to step out of the box and above all, to inspire others to do the same. In the end, the "Amoureuse de la nature" is not just about my journey, it’s about yours. It's about creating a narrative that motivates, educates, and resonates.


Come, be a part of this awe-inspiring journey, because the world is yours to explore and this blog is your compass

I hope that my blog inspires you! Join me on my journey  and connect with me on my Instagram and Tiktok and other social media accounts to see what's new

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