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Are you a tourist or a traveller?

Updated: Mar 5

Tourist vs. Traveller

When it comes to exploring the world, there are distinct differences between being a tourist and being a traveller.

a tourist or a traveller
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  • Typically Seeks Comfort: Tourists often prefer familiar accommodations, restaurants, and activities.

  • Follows Itineraries: They tend to follow set itineraries and visit popular tourist attractions.

  • Passive Observers: Tourists may observe the local culture from a distance, often through guided tours or cultural shows.

  • Limited Interaction: Interaction with locals may be minimal, often limited to service encounters.


  • Seeks Authenticity: Travelers are more inclined to seek authentic experiences, often immersing themselves in the local culture.

  • Flexibility: They embrace spontaneity and are open to changing plans based on local recommendations or opportunities.

  • Active Engagement: Travelers actively engage with the local community, seeking meaningful connections and experiences.

  • Off the Beaten Path: They are more likely to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations and engage in unique cultural experiences.

In essence, while tourists seek comfort and are often passive observers, travellers prioritize authenticity, active engagement, and cultural immersion. The distinction lies in the mindset and approach to experiencing new destinations.

Are you a tourist or a traveller? Share your travel stories below #travelwithv

tourist or traveller
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A tourist transitioning into a traveler🤍

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